Fluid Applied Roofing takes any old roof (Smooth BUR, TPO, PVC, Cap SHEET, Mod Bit, EPDM) and renews it into a seamless, highly reflective roof with long lasting maintenance performance.

A critical component of any construction project is roofing. The coatings industry has made many improvements with a fluid applied roofing system. These technological improvements help roofs last longer, cost less, withstand all the elements of weather and are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Simply clean the surface and apply the recommended millage to renew your warranty at the end of the coating life.

Sometimes your facility may be better suited to different types of roofing that we also install:

  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)
  • Single Ply Membrane roofing
  • PVC
  • EDPM

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Did You Know?

Because Roof Coatings are considered a maintenance item, the cost can be a full write-off in one year, saving thousands in taxes.

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