Your facility is an investment, a vital element for your business and profits, A roof protects your investment and attracts little attention until it leaks, thus resulting in business disruption, lost revenue, and safety hazards such as leaks, mold, and asbestos exposure. The crisis can be avoided by planning ahead and preparing for your long term roofing needs.

To protect your valuable investment, you may choose from a variety of warranty options. A manufacturer’s warranty level goes from:

  • Ten years
  • Fifteen years
  • Twenty years

Fluid Applied Roofing also offers a warranty on installation with a service agreement on a yearly basis to extend the lifetime of your roof.

Did You Know?

We will make sure your drains are functioning properly. One cubic foot of water weighs 63 pounds, so a few inches of standing water in a 10′ x 10′ roof area adds a few thousand pounds of weight to your roof.

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